Practical Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Use…


Weddings are fun and recpetions are better but often bride and grooms overthink favors that guests end up throwing away. Careful planning and more attention to other details like reception entertainment and weather can keep guests comfortable and happy. This post has some favor ideas that will actually get used. I like the game station above. This could easily be for kids or adults who prefer to stay off the dance floor. Dollar Tree has board games like Checkers and 2-pack decks of cards and tons of puzzles for an inexpensive way to entertain. Just make sure you dont have too many options because you don’t want the reception to look like a boring bingo hall…


Most women wear heels to weddings so you may want to keep a basket of cheap Old Navy flip flops so they can stay on the dance floor as long as they want. Maybe have one basket per size ( ex: a basket for size 7 & 7.5’s). This idea is also nice for beach weddings because you’re bound to have someone show up in inappropiate shoes…


Paper wedding parasols offer shield from a sunny sky in an outdoor ceremony….


Leaving shades on each seat is another way to ensure all guests are comfortable & if nothing else, they will make for a great photo op…


Pairing fans with programs is a great way to keep guests cool in a hot venue…


Who wouldn’t want a nice throw? Have some available in case the temperature drops at an outdoor evening reception…


For a destination wedding, you may want to either greet guests at a pre-wedding dinner with a bag or basket of goodies or have them as favors at the reception. Include items that would be useful in their hotel (bottles of water, snacks, small liquor shots), items they may forget (safety pins, tylenol) & anything pertaining to the location (maps, brochures). These welcome gifts are way better than a few hershey kisses…


You can also have little containers of jams, jellies, bath scrubs or cookie making ingredients that you made with love. Edible gifts are almost always appreciated. Even if you baked dozens of cookies or brownie batches and packaged them up with small individual sized milk cartons,  it’s better than a cd of music you don’t listen to. (For the record, I always liked the cd idea but with most people using aux cords, don’t waste your time). Have any other favor ideas

{All images Style Me Pretty & Wedding Bee}

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  1. Karen says:

    I have been to a few weddings already and nobody I know keeps those little gifts especially if it’s candy. It’s good to have something that’s memorable. These are great ideas!


    1. Thank you and I love candy but often times people leave them and I think of the time wasted putting it all in small bags.


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