Tuesday’s Tips: white kitchen problems…


I like this little kitchen but here’s what I would do to give it more life: if I didn’t want to paint the walls or if this was a rental where painting wasn’t allowed, I would use adhesive temporary wallpaper in a dark color like black where the built-ins are so that the white and clear dishware contrasts. I like the start of adding a bold graphic rug, and I would carry that into any towels. Even setting a hand towel on the counter under a decorative chopping board could help in adding color to a white space. I would also use black blinds or have some sort of a valance to tie it all together. I would add a clear vase on the shelf with black sand from a craft store and put some green faux suscselents in it. Adding greenery and plants liven any home or area. If I wanted more color, I would swap out some of the gadgets and buy a bold tea kettle, or paint the wood handles on the knives. Using colorful jars to store utensils like spatulas or dishbrushes can bring the color you need. Lastly there appears to be enough wall space to add a small colorful framed print.

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