Bathroom virtual design…


I know….another bathroom post for the week. My friend in Atlanta wanted a virtual design for her guest bathroom. She already purchased this vanity and a matching cabinet. After consulting with her and finding out the light fixture she purchased was in bronze,  I came up with these options to choose from. I wanted the rest of the fixture and hardware options to be in the same metal as the light. I gave her three potential color schemes to go with. I also advised her to remove the builder basic mirror and replace with a decorative mirror. You can find some sizeable mirrors at Marshalls, Tjmaxx and Homegoods for as low as $24. I also gave her some tile options. Did you know Home Depot has adhesive tile that has an easy installation and can be removed with a hair dryer? The subway tile and mosaic tile in the last design are adhesive. It’s great mess-free update for those who rent and can’t do anything permanent. To help aide in her decision I gave her sources, paint colors and some drawings to show her how to style it. Which design would you pick?



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