Stiletto swap party idea…


What’s a girl to do when she has a shoe line and wants people to review the collection? She hosts a stiletto party. That sounds rather fun for us ol regular folks too. Simply put together lightly worn shoes that you no longer wear. Have your friends come along with shoes they have and have a stiletto swap party. Ideally pick people who have the same size shoes or allow your friends to bring a plus 1 so that there are more options….


Domaine Home has the spread of Sarah Jessica Parker’s collection and fun girly photos.


Above is Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr’s closet. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful display for a swap party? Open armoire doors and hang over door hooks to hold additional items. Style things in a way that encourages swappers to browse.


Saw this on the Glitter Guide and not only do I like the use of a regular old bookcase for shoes, you can easily use one if you already have one in a living room or rec room area (where house parties usually are). Simply temporarily take out what typically stays there and display the shoes for the party. Label the shelves with the appropiate size so guests can zero in where they need to be.


No bookcase? Use any shelving unit you can easily transport to the party area of the home.

While we’re on the topic of shoes, I saw this amazing idea on a Loyal Love where tension rods were used and spaced out in a wall niche. Very smart use of space and great way to store heels.

{Other image via the Everygirl}

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  1. A shoe swap would be so freaking awesome!


    1. I am one of the few who wears my size tho 😦


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