Tuesday’s Tips: repurpose bar carts and make a coffee station


Maybe you’re not an alcoholic drinker but you do indulge in a daily latte, coffee or tea time. Those bar carts or small bakers racks can be repurposed as a coffee cart or station. I absolutely love this idea. It’s like bringing a hotel amenity in your own home. There’s just something so welcoming about coffee, cups and cream & sugar waiting for you to start your day.


Make the station interesting with a picture wall. This is especially cool if you have frequent guests. Make sure to keep any to-go cups with lids ready for those long commutes….


Keep the jazziest mugs, cups and saucers on display. Now is a good time to at least display those mugs you get as gifts that you never really use. Some mugs can even house the sugar cubes or straws…


A coffee station is also great if you have guests stay overnight. They will be encouraged to make themselves feel at home. You can keep a shelf with newspaper or the latest magazines as well. Pastries, coffe cake or a bowl of fruit can be stored here as well for a quick breakfast…


If you don’t have a cart, designate a drawer for it. Keep the hot chocolate, tea packets, instant coffee etc together so you can easily see what is what and what needs replenishing…


Add a floating shelf to the space if you don’t have enough counter area. Make sure the height is at a level where you can easily reach a mug etc…

If you rather not have a whole drawer for it, simply buy a decorative tray and keep the sugar in a pretty container and creamers or tea bags in a clear vase. Put coffee beans in a small cup for aroma elements. Keep straws, spoons and napkins  on the tray for a funcional area to start your day. Happy drinking!

{Images via a beautiful mess, the pinterest project, emmas kitchen, warm home decors, the inspired room}

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  1. I really like the first one, because it looks like an IKEA Hack.


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