Make time for yourself…


Yesterday I took off work. I decided on Monday I needed pto because the forecast called for the first 80 degree day of the year. After our winter, I was extremely geeked excited to feel warm air. I couldn’t possibly be cooped up in an office on a day like that. So I took off. I also done nothing. Nothing planned. Everything I wanted to do, in order to be a tadbit productive, went out the window. Guess what….it felt GREAT. 


First the air was tropical here in Milwaukee. The breeze was wonderful and the temperature climbed continuously into the night. It was 83 degrees by 11pm when I got home. I live for hot nights. Though it’s Spring, I had a taste of summer…


I started the day at the mall stimulating the economy. I bought myself some shoes. Sidenote: H&M is slowly becoming my favorite mall store…


I had a lunch date with a friend that included afternoon margaritas.  I pretty much drank my calories as I also had a banana berry split from Gloria Jeans at the mall which is waaay better than that other coffee place that gets the most attention.

I also went to a park to read magazines. Later in the day I hung out in my cousin’s yard. Her husband plugged up their tv in the backyard and we all watched the NBA playoffs. I didn’t check my email, blog, tweet, or do anything related to the party I’m styling next week. It was truly a day to just BE. You should try it.

{Images via mango margarita, sincerely jules, & sparkles & crumbs}

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day. Love it!


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