Tuesday’s Tips: ways to organize and have more garage space


-Have a tall one car garage? Well maybe you can use some dead air to store another vehicle….or bikes…


-turn the door area into a mudroom. The key is ensuring junk doesn’t enter the house. So keep a place for muddy shoes, garbage and have wipes or hand sanitizer to keep out germs…


-Use painters tape to outline “parking spaces”to remind kids where to keep their wheeled toys…


-Have an industrial shelving unit for baskets and bins and label for specific uses like cleaning supplies, painting objects, car washes, etc.


-Ever wonder how close you can pull up? Well tie a ball to string and once it hits your windshield, you’ll know to stop…


-Use magnetic strips for easy storage. This will utilize the vertical space…



-use muffin pins from Dollar Tree to keep nails and small objects separate.
{Other images via homedit & curbly and just a girl blog}

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