Outdoor spaces and inspiring places


It finally felt like Spring this weekend here in Milwaukee with Easter reaching 75 degrees (77 according to my phone). I was a happy camper and it made me think of how I need to get my patio life together. Browsing stores like Target and Pier 1 can really make you want to buy-every-dog-on-thing. However a few bright items can jazz up any blah outdoor space.


Fabric Walls
This makes me want to buy a funky pattern and hang it on the walls of my patio with velcro. Actually, I may just do that. It can also hide unsightly areas. Just make sure you use outdoor fabric.


Sun Shelter
Scalloped umbrella tables are pretty much everything. They aren’t cheap but worth the splurge if you live in a climate that utilizes outdoor areas more than 4 months out of the year…




Pillow Happy
Add fun pillows to seating you already own. Make it even more worthwhile if you get pillows that match the interior decor. You can always add them to sofas during the office season. Target usually has some for as little as $14.


Potted plants are great for adding privacy between balconies, patios or yards. They also help liven a space. They’re little easier to maintain than flowers and lower maintenance.


Rugs are another way to add color to a space. Though you want to be mindful of materials so that it can withstand temperature and elements of nature, you can possibly have more leisure with a covered space. My patio is shaded and covered so I’m debating on buying a cute coral kitchen rug for the area under my patio chairs. There isn’t much sunlight that would cause discoloring and the cost is so inexpensive it wouldn’t be a huge loss if it did.


Lastly flowers are nice but if you’re like me, you may not want to take time upkeeping them. Go to any Michael’s, Jo-Ann fabric (both having sales 50% off stems) or even Dollar Tree for affordable and often times realistic looking faux flowers. I swear all of them aren’t tacky and you won’t have to worry about animals and bugs munching on the petals or wind blowing the petals off. I was very shocked at how cute some of the flowers were from the dollar store. They sell everything to make your own planters. My next post will show you some of my weekend flower diys that may change your mind.

{Images via American Trade Hotel, Cote Paris Mag, Ikea, Doug Meyer, Pernille Kaalund, The Fab Guide & First Home}

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