Tuesday’s Tips: how to decorate a narrow room


So you bought a new house but there’s that one narrow itty bitty room that you struggle with. Well you can create a comfy lounge to simply go to when you want to nap, read, or think. Buying furniture to scale for the space will allow a functional area…

{Image via brittany ambridge for Domino magazine}
{The Nest Blog}
You will have to edit carefully and ensure each item in a narrow room is needed and functions. Small tables and furniture with legs keeps this space airy and prevents a cluttered feeling…

{Steven Gambler}
Great arrangment for those who need twin beds in a small room…

{Nuevo Estilo}
This living room would be very tight with a sofa. Instead a loveseat, chaise and two chairs were used to give adequate seating without the bulk. The key is not buying furniture sets.

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  1. Small rooms can be such a headache to get right can’t they!! Being clever with furniture and maybe using multi-functional pieces is a great idea. Ottomans can act as tables, storage units and a seat. I love the use of individual items like a love seat and French style chairs, rather than a bulky sofa, not only does this make better use of the space, but it adds style too. Mirrors are a good way to open up spaces and make them feel bigger and good lighting is essential, lamps can light up dark corners and create mood ares in the room, giving the impression its bigger than it actually is.


    1. You have a lot of good ideas. I also like mirrors behind lamps to spread light as well.


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