Monday Morning Inspiration 3.31.14


You know how that voice in your head sometimes makes you feel inadequate? It may tell you you’re not good enough, smart enough, cannot and will not get that done. “That” thing you want to get done may be a short term, long term or life changing goal or accomplishment. Sometimes it’s not the people around you that makes us feel insecure. It may very well be ourselves.


We can be our biggest hater (I hate that overused word), our biggest blocker. Often times we believe our own hype. All hype aint good hype though. Don’t allow yourself to feel as if you will lose before you even get started. We have nothing but time and all we can do is try. You’d rather try than be old and wrinkly rocking away in someone’s chair mad at the things you didn’t do or attempt, right? So do them. Set those goals. Do something daily to achieve them.



Celebrate the mini milestones as well as the big ones. More importantly, for that inner voice(s) that gives you a fear of trying for fear of failing…well….


{Images via sugar and cloth, the glitter guide, & society social}

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