Softsoap’s new decor collection of handsoap…


I love smell goods and products that have good fragrances. From perfumes, candles, shower gels and soaps. So I was happy when the people of Colgate-Palmolive reached out to me about trying their new decor collection of handsoaps. For me, I like anything that has an elevated look with packaging. Sometimes I have to make sure I don’t buy soley on how it looks but also the quality of the actual product. The Softsoap bottles are cute enough to keep in the original packaging…

I kept the orchid petals & mint water bottle in the bathroom because of the blue accents matched the decor and the smell was fresh…

The wild basil & lime is actually my favorite. I kept that in the kitchen because I tend to clean with citrus smelling items. Since that blend is food related, I figured it would be perfect for the kitchen. You can get yours at Target, CVS, Rite Aid or any large food store.

Softsoap handsoaps were gifted to me from Colgate-Palmotive but the review is my honest opinion of a brand I’ve been using for years.

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