I love a dark and moody designed room….


I love this bedroom. The different patterns and textures all within the same color scheme makes it a nice moody retreat from the day. It reminds me a bit of the room Kim Kardashian is staying in at her mom’s while her home is being renovated. I don’t have pics but if you watch the show you know what I’m talking about. It’s tone on tone black and charcoal gray and I love the drama of it all.
The table is kinda creepy but I like the rest…




This moody booth with the single crystal pendant is probably in a cocktail lounge somewhere. It allows intimacy without any distractions from what’s happening in the rest of the place. I think that’s why I like a dark space. It feels like a cacoon of sorts.


Just because you have a dark space doesn’t mean color is removed. Here you can see the emerald contrasts nicely with the blue walls…

Do you enjoy a moody room?

{Images via Justin Huxol and Dale Eramo
& Mcalpine Booth & Ferrier Interiors, Bobby Mcalpine for House & Garden, Tommy Smythe, Kettner’s restaurant, }

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4 thoughts on “I love a dark and moody designed room….

  1. The first pic of the bedroom is gorgeous, its stylish and sultry without being too dark. I love the four poster bed with the simplistic contemporary frame – it creates a stunning feature without it taking over the room.


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