My Valentine’s Breakfast styling using Hen House Linens….


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what better way than to kick off their work day by setting up a small breakfast display. If you have kids, you may want to add even more food like small bowls of cereal or parfaits in mason jars. For my set up, I wanted a “Sweets for my Sweetie”menu so everything was pretty much like dessert for breakfast ir something sweet. You can add kringle or chocolate covered croissants for good measure. I repurposed several things from my house like the candle holder used here for cupcakes…


I bought some adhesive hearts from Michael’s and stuck them to the ends of toothpicks for cupcake toppers. Craft paper and glittered peelable letters were used to create signs. Always provide signage so people know what they are eating. It’s another detail that makes it all look festive…

The heart garland was bought from Michael’s as well. The circular quilted placemats were from Hen House Linens. I love the chain link as it can be used for a cheesy Valentine’s metaphor “hooked on you” but it’s also chic enough for a nautical themed shower or July 4th bash. It’s thick which is great if you’re styling on glass survices. The thickness will prevent platters and stands from scratching the glass. I already owned the milk jar vase which were both thrifted from the Goodwill. The roses came from Aldi. They were the only grocery store that didn’t have inflated prices for roses.


Festive straws is another way to carry on the color scheme…

I took red vases from this burlesque 30th bday bash that I styled and used them to elevate a small plate. Giving your food display various heights is key. Use boxes or anything sturdy to give height to the food at the back of the table….

I made blueberry muffins….


I placed the butter for muffins in a crystal serving cup which I found at the Goodwill…



I think it’s an easy set up to make a routine breakfast a bit more festive…

Hen House Linens provided me with complimentary linen however the review is my honest opinion.


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