Tuesday’s Tips: ways to make small kitchen more functional…

Oops. Scheduled thispost for today instead of tomorrow. Your tips are a day early

Placing a tiny table with two stools tucked under can give you that eat-in kitchen feel. If you live solo, don’t feel as id you need to purchase a 4 seat table set. Buy what you need. If you only need seating for one, get one seat.


You may have a free wall in a galley kitchen where you could squeeze in an industrial bookshelf without taking much floor space. Store appliances, cookbooks and things that don’t fit in a cabinet. The key is color coding or leaving out the things you use daily, often and items that ate visually beautiful. So use that crystal bowl wedding gift as a fruit bowl instead of it staying in a big box taking valuable space and collecting dust. Free up counters for food prep by keeping your toaster and coffee maker here…

Walls are your friends in small spaces. Use them to your advantage like magnetic knife racks instead of typical knife blocks. Rods with hooks can hang mixing utensils etc…

A wall hung collapsible table can be your key to more surface space when need be…


Even if you don’t have room for a table, buy a stool that is a comfortable height to sit and dine at the counter. Do you burn something the moment you walk away to sit down and watch tv in the living room or end up with clumpy oatmeal because standing idle at the stove is boring? A stool at the stove can prevent that, rest your feet and allow you to take a quick read of a magazine while you wait for dinner…

It’s possible to sometimes fit small rolling islands in a small kitchen. They can be used for storage, added surface for food prep or in some cases, seating. Place them along the tile at the edge of the kitchen to separate rooms if the kitchen has an open L shaped floor plan.

{Images via BHG, the Kitchnthe Glitter Guide}

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    love these kitchens!!!!


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