Monday Morning Inspiration 1.13.14


We all like to buy things…some of us nicer things….some of us luxury things. Does the moment of happiness after you’ve made a purchase fade? Do you have buyer’s remorse or go back to feeling the way you felt prior to the purchase? I read an article on happiness that talked about making a point to have things to look forward to everyday. I love that idea especially because some days aren’t the most anticipated *coughs*Mondays*coughs*.


Often times buying something tangible can create a rush or pleasant feeling but those things aren’t usually what keeps you happy or makes the most impact on your life. When we dig deep, the true happy moments aren’t things or items but feelings from simply living. The bonds made, goals accomplished, dares challenged to the moments of silence, calm and peace. However if you must buy, you will be happier if you buy experiences instead of things…


Whether you pack up and fly away for a change of scenery to see and experience the world, new food and new cultures…

Whether you maintain relationships outside of texting & emails by initiating to host a small dinner party…


Whether you hop in the car and drive until you get lost….


Whether you take the time to treasure nature’s beauty and watch a sun set or the moon rise. Making the most of experiences will more than likely yield more happiness results. So if you enjoy movies or spas or trying new fun activities, spend more money doing those as you will always have those memories and probably forget the bag you bought 3 years ago…


So what fun experience have you lived lately?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ginagirl34 says:

    I went to my first competitive cheerleading competition last month to see one of my goddaughters perform. I was so much fun and the energy was amazing!!! I loved it!!!


    1. I went to those too a year back when my lil cousins were in dance. Lots of fun.


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