Tuesday’s Tips: get more counter and floor space with these hidden storage ideas


Get more counter space by hiding essentials in a pull out drawer. Instead of housing in jars, you can pull out and easily scoop corn meal, flour etc…

A ventilated drawer to store non refrigerated foods like onions are great space savers too instead of large baskets on the floor or counter…


If you use diagonal drawer dividers, you can store the extra long items in an organized way. Usually we would pack these like a bouquet on the counter in a can…

Lastly store trash cans in a cabinet if you can. In my place I have a bottom cabinet that has a shorter top shelf so it’s perfect to hide my trash. All of these ideas provide you with either more floor room or counter space…

{Images via maisonet demeure, my home ideas, & houzz}

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  1. Peter says:

    Beware: storing potatoes with onions make your potatoes go bad faster.


    1. Really? I never knew that. Good info!


  2. Lauren says:

    Yup. They sprout eyes when near onions. Both should also be stored cool and dark – basement is best, or garage. Also, ground flours go rancid exposed to air, not to mention attracting bug larvae (ew!). If you like the scoop-bin idea, get lids! Ikea has glass jars with metal and glass lids so you can see your stuff from the side (shelf) or top (drawer), no cabinets modifications needed.


  3. I love the hidden flour idea. Where do I get those containers?


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