Design Inquiries: winning the purple bedroom battle with your husband…


I received an email from a woman who really wanted a purple and gray bedroom but had difficulty convincing her husband of the color scheme. Here are my ideas on winning this battle. First, when people hear purple they think Barney or lavendar and other really girly tones. However any trip to a local hardware store will show you the many ranges purple has. Look at the paint swatches and decide from there. They aren’t there to only help with paint selections as you can use the swatches to pick the overall color scheme of the room…


When purples have darker tones, it can appeal to the masses as it looks more regal than girly and childlike. Your best bet is to stick with richer hues likes plums…
I like the bedroom above because it marries both feminine and masculine details. The leather tufted headboard is edgy and the faux fur throw is soft and comforting. Majority of the room is white and tranquil and the plum sheets aren’t overwhelming but it does add a touch of color. So in the bedding, instead of finding a comforter set with all purple, stick with a neutral and bring the purple in the sheets or decorative pillows…
Another trick is ensuring the rest of the furniture has clean lines. When you go contemporary in your bedroom furniture (like most men) and use art & decor that isn’t gender specific, then you have more leverage on adding some of the elements that appeals to you. If the main thing for you is color then let your husband decide on furniture. It’s give or take…
You can always just paint the room a nice purple shade and leave everything else neutral or in the ivory family…


You can also pick hues from a painting or print to decide on accent colors. I like this one from. CortneyNorth‘s etsy shop. The purple is mixed with grays and midnight blues and silver accents and none of it is too feminine…
Offset any purple with a neutral. Gray works beautifully with more muted purple tones. Both rooms above can easily fit for a man. The key is leaving purples to accents like a throw, pillows, art and rugs. If you use it for upholstery, stick with smaller furniture like chairs that have upholstered cushions only. Lastly involve your spouse and make sure he knows his opinion matters. After all he has to sleep there too. Allow him to select things so he feels comfortable in his space too. Good luck!

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