Fabric fun…ways to play with pattern and color…


I think the little kid in us loves a canopy bed because it creates a sort of forte. You may not want to sleep with a bed covered in drapery but a daybed in a reading room sure would be fun. You can also use old children’s mattresses and place them against the wall with the pillows aligned along the length to act as a daybed.


Keep the bedding light and neutral like a white duvet but have fun with pillow cases and toss pillows. When mixing patterns, keep it uniform by having a color scheme so it flows. A standout hue for a headboard is a great starting point…

Usually you see solid colors for canopy beds like this but I like the pattern above…


You can also have a patterned upholstered headboard….
Playing with patterns isn’t limited to drapery and bedding. You can cover basic lampshades to make them pop as well…
You can even use liquid startch to cover walls with fabric. It’s easy and a nice temporary idea for dorms and apartments where you can’t add wallpaper or paint…

{Images via Stylish solution, Bright Bazaar, adore home, & DIY Roomzaar}

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