Tuesday’s Tips: have an empty wall? Create more shoe storage


Going to NYC soon and always curious how people there store their stuff and how would I manage if I had cramped living quarters. Then I thought how easy we all can benefit from the ones who live in small spaces. Taking cues from those with limited closet space, use the tried and true and very inexpensive floating shelves….


Love the idea of using wood planks and bricks because it’s less time consuming. No measurement required. So simple and can easily look better when painted. Imagine gold leaf bricks with white shelves. Using shelves along any sloped odd dead space makes it functional. Adding decal quotes, mirrors or side chairs for styling can bring the look together if you think two shelves would look funny in the middle of a wall. It looks more polished if your room happens to have a niche or some sort of indent. Spaces like that just scream for shelves…


I like the smaller shelves as well because those can be used to display purses or standout pieces…

{Images via Domino, the Life Styled Blog, Pinterest & Maison 21 }

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  1. I love to see how folks transform a one bedroom/tiny space into a a magical living, dining, dressing and whatever else room. Thanks for sharing!


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