Anyone else not in the holiday spirit?

A few years ago the very same thing happened and I just wasn’t in the mood to shop, to buy, to decorate or even attend parties I was invited to. That’s not like me at all because I almost always go to wherever I’m invited. It’s odd because Christmas is my favorite holiday. I just can’t get in the mood again this year. Usually my tree is up Thanksgiving day and it’s still in the closet. Each day this weekend I said I would put it up…. but I really don’t want to force it. I’d rather have fun with it with a holiday movie in the background and hot chocolate on deck.


In two weeks I will be in NYC. I never been during the holidays and thought it would be fun to be somewhere magical. Though I hope to be in the spirit by then, in the meantime let me delight in the holiday sparkle that we get away with wearing this time of year. It seems I’m more excited about sequins and glitter everywhere than anything else…

If you follow me on instagram you know that I recently bought a couple peacocks. My tree ornaments are turquoise and cobalt blue but the black and gold just matched my office so I propped it on some frames…
I also polished my little sausages with teal glitter. Quite festive….

I love sequin anything and these are fabulous holiday outfits to wear to a party….

I have a black sequin blazer that will take a lot of power for me to not rock it in varying ways every week :-D…

This is so cute to me. I need some plaid in my life and this scarf isn’t overbearing. If you’re in a holiday funk, how do you snap out of it to enjoy the season?

{Images pinterest (the uploads from phone where you can’t track source), a lacey perspective }

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