How to prepare for guests in your home…


Guests are arriving soon and you probably already made everything tidy. Here are some other ways to ensure they have a comfortable stay.

Guest room

-Leave a tray on the bed so that they can drink beverages, morning coffee or afternoon tea in the comforts of the covers and not feel like they have to run to the bathroom to get themselves presentable for the “public”. It encourages lazy relaxation…

-speaking of, find out their favorite type of teas and coffees or cocoa flavors and have some on hand for them. If you can, put a simple coffee maker in their room…

-stock up on their favorite cereal,  food and snacks. You can put the snacks in a basket in their room for easy access late night munchies. Also keep enough bottled water. I get offended when someone offers me tap water. I refuse to drink that.


-A vase of lovely flowers, preferably their fav would be a nice gesture that wouldn’t go unnoticed…

-ensure there is adequate lighting

-add a couple extra new pillows and fresh sheets

-leave the iron/ironing board in their room or a neutral location so they can get ready at ease


– leave the remote and the latest channel lineup from cable company near it so they don’t have to ask you the channel for HGTV and Vh1…

-current newspapers or magazines for those quiet moments when the host may be busy or sleeping

-unless they ask don’t plan their day to day activities but have things in mind in case they want to do something fun. Know their budget and what they have in mind. Communication is key.

-are kids involved? Have new games or a dollar tree grab bag of toys to keep them busy


-know their shoe size and provide them with comfy slippers. If in the budget, buy a robe that they can also take home as a gift.

-have a basket in the bathroom filled with travel size toiletries or things one may forget like safety pins, q-tips, bobby pins, headache medicine. Basically anything you wouldn’t want them searching for on their own, leave out.

-stock up on toilet tissue and either put them in a basket or show them in advance where they can find more…


-tell guests where everything is in the kitchen, what drawers have the utensils, what cabinets have spices. If you want them to feel at home and want them to cook, show them in advance where the skillets are.

-have area take out menus on hand and your address written down if they want to order food at any given point. No need to have a map as everybody has someone with them with a smartphone and gps. However if a walgreens is within walking distance….maybe draw a quick diagram for reference…

-tell them where to hang coats or hang a few hooks in the guest room so they can hang purses and outerwear easily…

-keep extra blankets close. Keep them in living room and if they want them for bed, let them.

-lastly have a space heater. I get cold easily and can’t stand being somewhere where the room temperature is in the 60s. A space heater eliminates the guest being cold while the host can stay comfortable.

{Images via Janie K Hirsch, home designing collection, David Jimenez, Domino}

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