Tuesday’s Tips: divide that space using curtains hung from ceiling rods


We know how rugs can be used to define areas in a large space but so can curtains. Whether you hang them from ceiling rods ,curtains can not only soften the space but close off any unwanted eyesores, junky storage or act as a privacy wall.  Use the look in a narrow attic, a shared kid’s room, a dorm or studio apartment.

An example of a bed pushed away from wall and the wall length used for storage. This is when closets are limited. More on how to get more closet space here.

The shelving is pretty but if this is a bedroom, one may find it difficult to fall asleep. Sometimes all we need to do is tidy up as the less things we see the better we can rest….


I really like the idea of closing off a kitchen. Who wants to see cluttered counters and dirty dishes when company is present? Plus you can keep pets out if you add velcro like this.



Let’s say a college kid or adult child is coming back home unexpectantly and you already turned their old room into a closet or something that can’t easily convert back. Well consider repurposing a room and using it for somerthing other than what it’s intended. This post shows how it worked once with a formal dining used as an office. Why wouldn’t it work with a dining room used as a bedroom? That’s what the above looks like. The curtain gives privacy…



How do you create division in a space?

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