Affordable Art under $50 from plus my living room


I love art especially affordable pieces. So I thank Brittany who hipped me to Eyes on Walls who sent me this lovely poster. I wanted something abstract that would bring out the blues in my living room decor and since I already have animals figurines through out (peep the giraffes), figured I would keep it going with whales…


Eyes on Walls is an art company that publishes a proprietary collection of exclusive edgy and inspiring prints at great price points.


After receiving the poster I went out and bought a poster frame that I planned to pair with a white mat. After temporarily hanging the poster flush with the wall, I realized I liked how the dark gray of the wall blended in with the colors of the piece. So I left it like that.

You can also get prints framed for a little extra. So if you need to complete a gallery wall or juat add something whimsy to a space, check them out.

{My poster is called Flying Whales by Alex Cherry. The poster was given to me but the opinions expressed are my own}

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