I can’t take my eyes off of this room….


I made this my computer background. How gorgeous. The candles and sconces and uplights cast the most perfect glow for this party. I love how the pearls are draped. So simple but luxe. The drapery though…is so regal. I just can’t stop minimizes my screens to stare at this space.


Now those chandeliers are everything. I want a party like this!!!

I love this romantic tablescape. A few flower arrangements interminglednwith a bunch of candles creates an intimate setting. It can also help eliminate the cost of flowers for a reception…
How fun. A company who does events and interior styling….

{Images via Twofold LA with photos by Manuel Meszarovits}

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. nida says:

    OHH MY GOD ! this is so royal ! reading your post- i made this my wallpaper on the desktop too..lol… i cant decided what i want most from this room… ahhh… everything ! i guess lol
    where is this ??n what is it ??


    1. Its from a party! Click the source at bottom to view their portfolio


  2. Thank you for the kind post about our work!


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