Had a date night in Friday with a Chocolate fountain…


So I have been craving fondue eating for a while now. Here in Milwaukee we have a restaurant called The Melting Pot that seems like a ball of fun. With a little patience you can have the same experience at home. For a date night in, I used frozen bananas, strawberries, pineapples, ice cream flavored mushrooms, Special K Pastry Crisps in cookies n cream & Ritz crackers with peanut butter filling….



I like chocolate fountains because it makes people get up from their seats at a party and mingle. It’s a fun idea for any dinner or birthday party for kids and adults and great as a treat during wedding receptions…


I used YescomUSA‘s chocolate fountain. I hear some come with up to four parts. I like that this one only came into two parts which made for an easy installation. I used gheridelli chocolate which I first melted over the stove top. Once melted I spooned it into the base and heated the chocolate for a couple minutes before turning on the fountain.


As we dipped and ate and dipped and ate, I thought I needed to add one more bag. I shouldn’t have. One bag was more than enough for two people. Two bags could feed 4 to 6 people easily. Funny we got full rather fast and he was on an empty stomach. Nothing is better than fruit and chocolate. Now for the part I dread….cleaning up.


When done, I turned it off then unplugged. After separating the pieces, I immediately submerged the top part in warm soapy water while running the faucet over it. For the base, while the chocolate was still warm, I used a spatula to wipe access chocolate for later use and plenty of paper towels to clean it up. I am telling you when you use a good chocolate brand, this process is much easier. Ever use generic morsels and end up with a clumpy mess? Imagine that on a fountain and trying to clean it. Yeah, that wouldn’t be fun at all. So now isn’t the time to skimp on good quality. After the base was cleaned, I was able to put the top piece in the diahwasher. Much easier than I thought but still time consuming. That’s what I hate about kitchen gadgets. However I can’t wait yo use this again over Thanksgiving and with cheese. Yes…I want to have cheese dippers and maybe a caramel fountain. Below are some fun ways to style the dippers…
Use anything tiered to house cookies, rice crispy treats and smaller bites like fruit…

Ensure you have plenty skewers on deck so people won’t double dip…


Oreos and other bites that won’t pair well with skewers can get dipped with tongs or fingers…

Pretzels and chips offer a sweet salty flavor. When using big bowls simply place a few shoe boxes under the tablecloth to give some height and dimension…

Lastly for a bit of humor…this pic is creepy. Like….who sat and took this photo after guiding everyone’s nostrils over the chocolate. What the…..

Anyway, thank you Vanessa of YescomUSA for supplying the chocolate fountain. It will be used many times over.

The fountain was given for review, all thoughts are my honest opinion.

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