iWant it all! Complete random wants from fashion to decor…


A company reached out to me for a product review of my choice and I opted for a chocolate fountain. It took so much for me not to select the disco balls though. I just love them in decor…


…iWant this range hood. The reason is self explanatory…


I have some black velvet necklace stands from Michael’s but iWant more so I can place them in a modular shelving unit and display each bauble as bedroom bling…


…iWant a few more statement necklaces to go on the stands from above….


.. iWant whatever camera or Android app that takes great pictures at night. This one above is amazing. Last night I tried to capture the moon over Lake Michigan here in Milwaukee as it’s probably going to be my last time there until Spring. (I LOVE THE WATER!!) but my photo was a fail. Even on the night option it didn’t nearly look like real life.


…iwant an ornate mirror….frame….and chalkboard. Even if I only use it for clients that hire me to style their events. Eventually I want to have core items on deck so when hired…I can tap into my personal stash of party goodies. This one could be used for so many things: a welcome sign…seating chart….menu board. It’s gorgeous…


…iWant some cheetah print heels. Not pumps but a mary jane or strappy heel. I find this pattern so sexy, on trend & a fun neutral…


…iWant….actually iNeed some black over the knee boots. Forget the fact that I am 5’3″. It’s all how you rock it to ensure you’re not swallowed whole. Some boots that stop right above my knee would be perfect. I have some but the rubber soles are worn down. I may get them repaired because they are perfect over jeans and leggings and great under a wider leg work slack to stay warm during the brutal Wisconsin winters…


…iReeallyWant herringbone wooden floors. No other flooring does it for me like herringone…


..iWant to master a black smokey eye. I nail brown smokeys but I’ve only nailed a black smokey once…and I had the nerve to not even go anywhere significant. Nothing worse than wasting good face…


Lastly, iWant to dine somewhere high in the sky. Actually I want to just live in the sky…a high rise somewhere. That is the goal…that is the life!

*sigh* back to reality.

{All images via my Pinterest}

2 Comments Add yours

  1. This “WISHLIST” is so cute & tempting!! I am also in love with black over the knees boots. They are the sexiest things for fall. Love them to bits. And yeah, I am 5’3 too but that gives me an extra push to carry them out smoothly 😉
    By the way, How much long boots really mean LONG to you?
    Jessica x


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