Creating a travel themed bedroom


When I pick up souvenirs from my trips around the world, I find that the best place to keep them is my bedroom. As you might expect, it’s quite an eclectic collection of objects that would look out of place in the rest of the house. My love of travel objects has inspired me to come up with creative ideas for a travel themed bedroom. Take a look at what I’ve put together:



 The bedroom is one of the areas of the house where storage is essential. However, I despair atdesigns which sacrifice style and charm for practicality. That’s why I’m delighted with what I’ve come across in my search for a travel themed room.Luggage furniture is a big trend in the world of interior design and one that fits perfectly with the design I’ve got in mind. This suitcase style storage unit – part of the selection of bedroom cabinets – is a charming and quirky piece that also offers practical storage. 

It’s part of large range of luggage themed furniture, so it’s possible to carry on this theme throughout the rest of the room. This chest is sold as a coffee table, but would make a great ottoman at the end of the bed. It’s the perfect place to store bed linen, towels and clothing.


 A design inspired by cultures from around the world gives you the freedom to experiment with color. I always favor warm tones in the bedroom like deep reds and purples. This palette is perfect for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere which is just want you want with the winter approaching! Nothing says travel like a traditional oriental rug and the contrast looks especially great when with a dark, wood floor. You can find oriental rugs, including this above, online at Bentinck. If you’re working with a small space, this rug is also available as a hallway runner, which is perfect for placing at the side of the bed.
Another way to incorporate textiles is with bedding, pillows or blankets. Some blankets can be thrown as a throw over a sofa or or hung over a bed as a headboard. Visiting local ethnic festivals is a great way to score some of these finds when world traveling isn’t in the budget.



 Your authentic souvenirs are the most effective room accessories you have. As well holding fantastic memories, authentic ornaments and objects that you pick up on your travels are unique and interesting to look at.

However, if the walls of your bedroom are looking somewhat bare, you can break it up with some fabulous vintage style travel prints. have a wide selection of travel posters and they offer a framing service for an additional charge. 


{Other images via house & home, little green notebook & Horchow}

This post was sponsored by Bentinck.

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