Rant: Unrealistic Moodboards Most Can’t Afford and a High Low Black Gold Bedroom


A little annoyed at unrealistic “get the looks” floating around where the “affordable” items are $350 for a pair of book ends or $1,000 boots. Who the fu…..can afford that? I mean how many people do YOU know…that has $2,000 floating around for accessories only? Not including paint, supplies & furniture. Even if your clients are ballin’….betcha most of your readers aren’t. There are broke college students, broke post grads, adults with student loan debt, couples starting out and managing families with kids in high price daycares, homeowners trying to save for that new furnace they need before winter etc etc etc.

Fantasy wishlists and moodboards are cool and even moodboards that simply evoke inspiration. We all like Kelly Wearstler’s products but not many of us can spend $4,000 for one chair. If you are really trying to present items for people to source from…maybe try keeping in mind the people who are working with $500 budgets….who can’t spend 40% of it on ONE pillow. Or the many individuals who want style but aren’t stupid enough to charge a bunch of stuff to keep up with other people’s instagrams. Splurges are fine…treating yourself and saving up for something luxurious is cool and if you CAN afford it…great! For those that can’t…don’t get discouraged and think you have to take a loan against your 401K in order to have quality good design. Don’t get so caught up in brands and what everyone claims to afford that you end up putting yourself and your bank account at a disadvantage. Some people’s lives and photos seem so perfect….but you never really know what they are going through behind the scenes or what sacrifices it took to get to that level of financial freedom.


This isn’t suggesting everyone is internet frontin’…or intended to make someone feel bad if they are better off than some. I simply think some people are really out of touch with what affordable means. Affordable to you may be an area rug for $900 but others may want a bit more bang for their buck if they are spending the same amount as their rent or mortgage for decor. So I made a high low mixture of a favorite black and gold color combo. I think everything would work beautifully in a bedroom. You have bedding from Zara Home, accessories from Tarsjay (Target) & Z Gallerie and more. I’m talking some stuff is $9.99. Now THAT is really affordable.

{Head to my polyvore for all product Sources}

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  1. ginagirl34 says:

    This post is sooo on point!!!!!

    Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 05:36:24 +0000 To: ginagirl34@msn.com


  2. Coco Citrus says:

    Hi 5!!!!!


  3. MAC says:

    I loved this post and am heading to bloglovin right now to add you to my roll. Great blog!


    1. Aw thanks so much!!


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