David Jimenez Palm Springs home plus the perfect gift for mid-century design enthusiasts

Jimenez is VP at Williams-Sonoma and Williams-Sonoma Home. His role as a visual merchandiser includes creating inspiring displays, theatrical settings and creating a great visual shopping experience (sounds like a dream job). One of the challenges in his mid-century bungalow was replacing dated tiles and creating unified flooring throughout the space. I think the poured concrete is a great pick and has an industrial feel when you combine the ceiling beams and exposed brick walls. The furnishings produced in different eras keeps the living room retro chic, from a 60’s Regency French chair, an 80’s tan chesterfield sofa to a 70’s canary yellow velvet sofa.
I think what’s funny is he rented a truck and went vintage shopping in different Palm Springs antique and thrift stores. Whenever I read blogs and see someone who bought a large piece of furniture, I always wondered if they just happened to be in a large pick up truck or what. It just seems a bit out of reach at times to get such cool pieces ALL OF THEE TIME. I know I personally would have to check with my father or brother and see if they were available to pick up something and I don’t see that working out all the time. Renting a truck to scour is pretty doggone genius especially if you are going to places that ALWAYS have cool things. Read more and see other areas of his fab home in Adore Home‘s latest issue.

Speaking of mid-century architecture, I was gifted the release of Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern Postcard Book By Dolly Faibyshev from Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.  You will find beautiful 30 perforated postcards of some of Palm Springs landmarks and landscaping and even Elvis’ Honeymoon House. If you know someone who is a lover of palm trees and mid-century curb appeal, then this book is for them.



See this Palm Springs Moroccan influenced hotel and how I’d design a So Cal outdoor space here.

{Images via Adore Home & Schiffer Books}

I received this book free for review but views are my honest opinions.

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