I only like peacock taxidermy…


I think animals propped up on the wall are creepy. I loathe animal heads at the end of a rug. I disapprove of hunting. I have a soft spot for Bambi & friends….(I live in Milwaukee.. our basketball mascot and team are deer. #goBucksgo) so I always scratch my head when I see random animals as decor and hope that at the very least they died naturally. With that said, the only animal taxidermy that doesn’t creep me out are the beautiful peacocks. God showed out when he made those birds. They’re pretty ballsy too. I like when they walk up close to you at the zoo. They act as if we humans are on their turf and they run shi the sidewalks. Anyway, here’s to pretty peacock decor…

Contemporary Living Room by London Media and Bloggers World Architecture News (WAN)



{Images Design by Suzanne Tucker/Tucker & Marks w/Photo by Matthew Millman,  the coveteur as seen on interior collective, plantation design, perch new orleans & Kathleen Clements}

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