Tips for tying your room together



Even within one room, linking up different décor elements can be difficult. You start with a vague idea of a color scheme and then play mix and match, with the hope shades and items compliment each other. Instead, it can be useful to focus on just one bold item – maybe something that’s often overlooked or neglected. Use this focus to build your room using pre-determined design blocks and you’ll achieve a more purposeful finish. Focusing on one or two small strands of a room also allows you to alter a neutral landscape with items that don’t require lots of manual labor to update. This gives you the option to get creative again in the future and change the feel of the room easily. Here are a few ideas for where you may want your focus to fall:


{William Diamond & Anthony Barratta}


A rug is a very versatile item – not only does it protect flooring from wear and tear and provide you with a comfy spot to sit in front of the fire, it can also tie together a room very effectively. If you are lucky enough to be in a position to use a rug as a starting point, you can choose colours or prints from your rug to feed into other soft furnishings in a room.


{Colorado Homes Mag}

Or, if you want to bring together different colours and shades, choose a rug with two or three colours from elsewhere in the room. This works in even the most bohemian of rooms, and in a neutral room it can set the style note for the whole space. Take a look online for ideas – the ScS rug collection has some bright new season printed rugs.


{Traditional Home}


Paintings and prints are usually selected to fit with a room, but they also make a great starting point. Pick out a few colours to play with and choose other home accessories in those shades, or make larger prints, or a montage of smaller prints, the focus of the whole room – creating your own moveable statement wall.  


 This visual focal point doesn’t need to be a painting, it could be a screen printed motto, plates on the wall, a phrase or quote that is personal to you, or a photograph. Look on Etsy for unique ideas – many of the sellers on the site even accept commissions.



Again, people tend to choose seating to fit with their room, and in rental properties in particular, you’ll find couches and chairs in browns, grays and other easy to coordinate shades. However, there are far more exciting and eye-catching seating options on the market, and choosing one of these makes a strong feature and a starting point for the whole design.


Particularly if you go for an intricate patterned piece. If you can’t afford to buy new, think about reupholstering some old furniture – there are lots of video how-tos online, or you could think about enrolling on a course and learning a new skill.  

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  1. Patricia Malcolm says:

    You answered my question, I’m ordering 2 more dining room chairs today (I only had 2 on each side)… all of the homes!


    1. That sounds like a great set up (sofa and four chairs anchoring)


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