Little seating nooks and cranies…


Glamorous spots to read or take a morning sip is a luxury and here are some pretty seating nooks to be inspired by…

I love this seating area, the furniture and fixtures and how the room was painted…


This is a great example of how you can use the attic space or an area of home with odd slopes to your advantage. The key is to measure and find furniture to scale so that it feels custom made.


This look can be made from a closet. Simply remove the doors, add drapery panels and stuff it with a bench. If you know a carpenter, have some plywood measured and hung in the space that you can top with cushioning. Adding a skirt can still allow storage to be hidden from view. However this can turn an unused closet into something fun or an area for kids to read.

{Images for Bryan Alan Kirkland, House & Home w/photos by Ted Yarwood designed by Queensbridge Mill & HGTV}

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