Tuesday’s Tips: art supply storage ideas


Now that kids are back to school or preparing to go…you may be stuck with a lot of crafty supplies. These ideas are not only great for kids but any art major students out there. To keep supplies together in an organized fashion consider the following:

* cloth shoe racks and cloth tool bags are great because you can see everything at first glance and the the different compartments makes it easier to keep items separate. See other uses for shoe racks here.

{ via}

* small pails and coat hooks would look nice hung over a desk area for easy reaching. Hobby Lobby and Anthropology has awesome decorative hooks.

* lazy susans are typically used in cabinets for spices but can easily be repurposed for paints and glues. It’s way more convenient to twist around a lazy susan than reaching through a cabinet, taking out stuff you don’t need and creating a mess. See more cabinet solutions here.


* plant urns, pretty jars and awards are a visually pleasing way to store paint brushes. That image is revisted from an old post on upright storage ideas for makeup brushes, spatulas etc.

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