Victoria’s Secret is such a sexy store by the design alone


I was in the Chicago area yesterday and after stopping at a mall there I went into their “Vickie’s Secret” and I could hardly contain my excitement. This particular VS looked very different from what I’m used to. The glossy black molding were the bones of the store. So very dark, moody and dramatic. Black and white stripes and damask wallpaper, the perfectly positioned gallery wall and flashes of hot pink makes it sultry.


It’s funny because my mom heard someone on HGTV call a design sexy and she couldn’t understand how decor and a room can have that feel. Oh…but it can. Think about the colors, the texture, the glam factor and the feeling the space gives you. Going into their fitting room you had all black doors with dimmed wall sconces lighting the way. It definitely created a sexy atmosphere. In order to NOT look as if I haven’t been anywhere, I limited the amounts of pics I took because the store was crowded.


There was a wall full of pink tufted cubes with mannequin torsos in each. They even had sequin mannequins. I really need one of those.

Though I hate to see products cluttering a bathroom counter, I commend VS for having such pretty packaging. Who wouldn’t want these staring back at them while brushing your teeth? Their products especially the beautiful perfume bottles will look lovely styled this way.

I am obsessed with the Vegas lighting through out the store. I want one of those too. Mine would say “Indulge”…


In the fragrance section they had a giant screen playing the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. VS successfully lures in shoppers by their awesome interior. I wish I had a dressing room at home filled with their design elements.


Sorry this shot is blurry but I found it funny that all the men in the store waited patiently on pink high back tufted chairs as the women shopped. Lol. I wish I knew what company designs the VS stores because the one in the Woodfield Mall is Schaumburg, Illinois is fabulous.

{All images by me}

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