Two fabulous Chanel paintings you may like…


After getting lost in people’s Pinterest pages I came across this gorgeous pink painting. I’ve come across many Chanel artwork but this is my fav. I even love the colors of the nail polishes below.


Unsure if she sells these but if not…she should.

{Images by artist Talitha Ewi}

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  1. Hi Miya,
    I’m not sure if you got my reply email, so there for I’m leaving you a comment.
    I wanted to thank you for your comment on my paintings, I’m truly honoured.
    Right now, the paintings are not for sale..I’ve been thinking about selling them for a while now, but I wasn’t sure if anyone would even want to buy them.
    But you motivated me to start on online shop for them.
    If the site is ready I’ll let you know, very curious of what you opion will be.
    And great blog, I’ve been following you for a week now and already great inspiration!
    Talitha Ewi Huta Galung


    1. No I didn’t get your email but I’m glad to have encouraged you. Whenever you do put them for sale please let me know.


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