Indulge Daily 8.23.13 I want this cheetah rug plus a real honest dialogue by me


I think this rug is just gorgeous. It’s one of those animal print designs that aren’t overwhelming in a space and can look good in a large square footage or something smaller like a runner. I also like the contrast of the deep sea green walls and the airy creamy space you see through the door. This home belongs to designer Erin Williamson and you can see more on Desin Crisis.

I also want to take a moment and ask how many of you send emails to photographers, magazines and designers to ask for written permission to post images? I know a lot who don’t. I honestly thought citing source correctly and mentioning as much info as you can (stylists, florists etc) along with linking back was sufficient. For most it is. I’ve had many email me thanking me for featuring their work. A lot of people are happy to have the free promotion especially when good comments and kudos are being made. However I see that’s not always the case.

The reason I asked is because I was contacted twice about removing a couple designer’s work. I understand why…but I also wonder how would people feel being bombarded by the bloggers constantly aaking for permission. Would that become daunting? Then I think about how much time it would take to form a blog post if you had to wait on returned emails. I guess I see why so many do product roundups and collages and share only pics they take. I started blogging because I wanted to compile everything that inspired me. I guess I still have my Pinterest account to share through and there are over 4,000 people indulging in my pins but here on out my blog, that sharing of fab events and interiors will change a little. You can now add me to the list of people who find things they like in the furniture and decor world. I’m sure stores won’t be mad with the “shout outs”. I will also make time to venture out in my city and find local places to take photos of and share whether it’s their products or the design of the space. I will even start making time to tackle my list of personal diy projects I have put on the backburner since I avoid being cooped up inside when I have a summer to enjoy. If clients approve, I will share my projects. I will still share other stuff like normal but it will be from people/companies who don’t mind link backs. If I come across a porfolio, I may just do a link love instead. (It’s where bloggers have a small list of things they fancy around the web). Basically I will start aiming to have more original content.

I guess this can be a bit of a good thing. Change is good right? Maybe I will be more interesting as a blogger AND interior designer (if you didn’t know…blogging isn’t my day job and I have a degree in interior design). To be honest this recent incident put a damper on things and made me uninspired. I almost didn’t want to resume. Blogging is already very time consuming. Then after talking with other people who I look up to like Erika Ward, Nicole White briefly and a very candid convo with Jessica Rowe, along with some friends, my homeboy and mom…I shouldn’t let this discourage me or stop. I’m almost at a million blog views and I’ve met some wonderful people and designers because of it. So no… I don’t want to stop any longer. I will keep on…and I will get better and greater.

If you have any design projects, if you’ve completed a diy project or have an amazing tip for my Tuesday’s Tips series, please email me. I will love to view and possibly share your work here.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my work! I’m more than happy to receive free publicity. No need to ask for permission if you give credit. Thanks again!


    1. After I published I thought “shoot…I didn’t ask her first” lol but thank you for the feedback.


  2. Karen says:

    I can see why you would be discouraged but your decision to show more DIY projects and local things is awesome as well. You are very talented and have a great eye. It would be nice for you to show how you would do things. It can only help you in the long run and also attract potential clients. Maybe even little YouTube clips if time permits of the things you create and the places you see. You will always make a way. Best to you.


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