Monday Morning Inspiration 8.19.13 enjoy your own company


Some people feel like doing activities alone means you’re lonely or that you don’t have anyone to enjoy those things with. It may be the case sometimes but for some people it’s the furthest from the truth. You should be able to do things you love solo and enjoy it. I recently wanted to see a movie that no one else wanted to see so I went….alone….one Saturday afternoon. I felt weird at first. But I wasn’t treated funny and didn’t have any crazy stares. As a matter of fact, there were other solo movie goers. I fit right in. I enjoyed the movie and being by myself. Now, you still won’t catch me doing that on a Friday night but for an afternoon? Why not. Why wait until it hits the red boxes in Walgreens parking lots. The same can be said for traveling or dining out. There are often several things I want to try or places I want to go that may not interest my friends etc but that shouldn’t stop me from having those life experiences. So here are some ways I enjoy my own company. Nail polishing, books, magazine reading, drivingwith my hair blowing everywhere (only to fix it at each red light), walking, sight seeing, people watching, the lake, beach. When it comes down to me skydiving, I’m sure I will be solo on that one lol. (I was shocked my sis n law and nephew got on the Big Shot on top of the Stratosphere in Vegas with me…I was sure I would be alone).


What are some ways you enjoy hanging with yourself? What are some things you want to try solo dolo but haven’t yet had the courage or opportunity?

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  1. Honestly, I like doing things alone sometimes. Its an opportunity to think and to be on my own schedule. I have traveled to other states alone, eaten solo and plenty of other things.


    1. Yep I need to do more lunch dining solo. The schedule thing irks me most about making plans with ppl. So many times something came up where a friend or fam member had to cancel when I could have easily went and done some of the stuff alone anyway.


  2. cpakingz says:

    I like sight seeing in big public parks. Walk around or ride my bike through that park. Then take a break laying flat on my back under a tree.


    1. Yes I am always at a park. Sometimes I take my god-daughter but most times I go to walk and read.


  3. cpakingz says:

    Yesterday I finally took a bicycle ride through that big public park I always wanted to wander around. I even took a 15 minute break just laying down on my back under a big tree.


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