Summertime is not over….


Since the last several weeks in August being straight 70s with nights in the 50s…I was pretty sure we we on our way to an early fall here in Milwaukee. However to my pleasant surprise, the forecast, starting with the weekend, calls for 80s and I can’t be happier. We only had one week in the upper 90s this summer. It’s been very mild and me no likey. But have no fear, more summer days are near! (Corny rhyming….I know).


More days left for outdoor shindigs…


More days left for lazy pool days, cold cocktail drinks, fresh fruit at farmer markets…


More time for carnivals, fair foods, cotton candy and funnel cakes…


More warm nights for outdoor movies and dining…


More time for flower market stands and to stop and smell the summer roses. How are the rest of your summer days shaping up?

{Images via the cinderella project, emily henderson,  indulgy, pinterest and other tumblr sites that doesn’t link original sources}

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