Staging to Sell…


Today I am pleased to have blogger pal Abigail of The Indigo & Co share her staging tips. I love the textiles she uses in homes and she has an online shop with beautiful curated decor and furniture so make sure you check it out.


I am delighted to be a guest blogger on Design Induldgences and I am equally delighted to share with you some important information you’ll need to know if your planning on selling your home.


If your interested in entertaining multiple offers and peaking the interest of potential buyers, then it should be a no brainer that hiring a Stager should be at the top of your list.  By now we all know that staging a property to sell is the smartest investment you can make. Realtor & seller walk away with money in their pockets and huge smiles on their faces never feeling bad about the choice they made to higher a Stager.


Did you know there’s more to staging than just throwing some furniture in?  It is important that every piece of furniture & every accessory is placed appropriately in a space.  An artwork misplaced  or a drapery hung incorrectly may turnoff a potential buyer.   A Stager will know the flow of the home and will be able to pinpoint where each artwork should be hung, each rug should be placed and where to position the bed in the master bedroom.  


Here are a few things that you can start doing to prepare your property to sell:

1.Touch up your walls with a coat of paint.

2. Fix any cracks in door frames, walls etc.

3. Clean out the grout in the bathroom, re-caulk if possible

4. Get rid of all odors in property.  If you have pets let them stay at families until property is sold.

5.Fix any loose faucets, door handles or cupboard doors/drawers


All the best in getting your property sold and remember: It’s better to get someone to do the job who knows how!


For a complete checklist contact
Abigail Llewellyn-Kodua
The Indigo & Co. Inc.

Staging is my dream career and some of my favorite HGTV shows so it’s inspiring to see Abaigail’s work. Here are my fav items from her shop.



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