Kid and Tween Boys Rooms with adult furniture


{Delphine Krakoff}

Kids cost money. A lot. Which is why I am child free. You really have to plan for those expenses. Why make it harder on yourselves by buying cutesy furniture that you will have to toss once they outgrow them? Consider adult furniture, pieces that are timeless and that will look good for a 4, 9 or 16 year old. You can always add the cutesy themed items in the bedding and decor. It’s way easier and cheaper to replace than actual furniture…


You can also keep a room child-like with bold paint choices…


Display toys in collections and groups. For example keep toy cars lined up together and stuffed animals together. Bookshelves are great ways to store toys and display them nicely. The toys can also bring color to a space and if there is a common denominator (say….wild animal collections), then you can play that up and create a theme…


I really dig this mid-century designed boys room. Though you want to have pieces that withstand the time, you still want functional furniture so seating for pint sized kids is important. Purchase those at lower price points since their duration will be limited (depending on how many kids you have)…


Old mattresses placed against the wall can easily turn into lounge-y daybed sofas. Even older kids won’t mind as that low seating is great for video game playing. No frame needed…


Crates and modular shelves against the wall can serve as storage and extra seating. Because of the small size, they work well for toddlers…


Art is another inexpensive way to add personality to a kid’s space. Either frame their own works of art or buy some. See wonderful examples of display kid’s art here.

{other images designed by Asia Baker with architect Eric Cobb & photo by Paul Warchol, Jonny Valiant for Real Simple, designer Michael S. Smith and Ferguson & Shamamian Architects with photo by Scott Frances, architects Craig Ellwood and Jerrold Lomax, designerMichael Boyd,& designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard}

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