More on Chicago’s Merchandise Mart/Luxe Home…

I went to Chicago a few weekends back just to get away from Milwaukee. Since my hotel was in such close proximity to The Merchandise Mart, I figured I would take a little stroll through Luxe Home.


In case you are unfamiliar with the mart, it’s massive. The building covers so many blocks that it has it’s own zip code. I learned that in college but it was repeated on an architectural boat tour along the river that I took once years back. They say it’s a designers paradise. It caters to trade professionals and some of the floors are only accessible to interior designers, architects, wholesale buyers and visitors escorted by the like.


In college, they took day long field trips there but I never was able to go as I worked full time during the day and had night classes. Since I never been, I was totally excited about going to Luxe Home, the first floor of the mart. It houses 30 kitchen and bath and some lighting showrooms. Premiere boutiques that offer top notch materials for home building and renovations.


I saw some amazing designs but many showrooms didn’t allow picture taking. So I took pictures of the few places where I didn’t see a “no photo” sign. I found the hardware to be extremely indulgent. I mean…it was like baubles to your wrist. Just complete eye candy for cabinets. The above is from Christopher Peacock which specializes in fitted furniture, interior paint products and spectacular hardware. It was the hardware that caught my eye in the showroom. 


Since I couldn’t take pics I figured I would go online and try to find some of the rooms that I really liked…


Mick De Giulio, the principal designer of de Giulio Kitchen Design has a beautiful design philosophy and that is “I may call myself a kitchen designer, but what I really do is orchestrate and conduct the dreaming process”. His designs are recognized internationally for marrying both classical and modern design influences. I remember being in awe of the mirrored glass cabinet doors. I could picture that in a modern kitchen in one of the many high rise penthouses that blanket the sky of Chicago.


The oven range hoods were so stylish and just full of innovative design. I really liked the wavy look of the range and hidden refrigerator doors. I actually don’t typically hidden fridges. Like tvs, I’m one of the few designers that doesn’t cringe at the sight of one. Sometimes there’s a such thing as too much cabinetry so seeing an actual refrigerator breaks up those doors. But in this case, this is pretty slick.

A family-run business, Artistic Tile offers luxury tile and stone and cater to both residential and commercial interiors. It was Luxe Home’s best store front featuring tile made into works of art: fashion…

{Images via 3D Boutiques & my Galaxy 3, see more on Paris Ceramics here}

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