Tuesday’s Tips: 5 ways to give your balcony privacy, stylishly


Small balconies are already bad enough but small balconies without privacy is even worse. I’m talking the ones that extend outward from the building with wrought iron fencing all around. Everybody can see what you have and what you’re doing and sometimes hear your entire convo if it’s a shared balcony. You know, the kind where it’s really ONE balcony but they add a little fence divider. Yeah, completely uninspiring. You want to be sure not to create an eyesore for the neighbor next to you but you want to eliminate the feeling that all eyes are on you. So here are a few ideas to give yourself some privacy, stylishly.


{Alice Masin}

 1) Use planters and pots with tall greenery, flowers or boxwoods to shield yourself from neighbors


Like how the flower beds filled the gaps instead of being placed at the top of the banister…

2) Line it with fabric to give your space some color, block unsightly rooftops (if opposite buildings are lower), & block some of the wind (if you live in a high rise). It’s also perfect for allowing your pets to get some fresh air without them jumping off. Make sure you purchase fabric made for the outdoors so as to not fade in the sun and ensure it can withstand the elements. Check with leasing offices if this is something you can do. Typically apartment owners want their spaces to have a cohesive look outside and something this bright may get the no go so maybe opt for a neutral palette and a material a little sheer. If you can't put this in the front, just line the sides.



3) Hang sheer curtain panels to create an airy oasis


4)  Use benches and daybeds for seating instead of chairs. If you place them on the sides or in front of the banisters versus the apartment wall, and stack pillows on top, that creates some division as well privacy.  I frigging love the first image over the Miami skyline. The fabric, the bright color, the green carpet which looks like grass something I usually cringe at but it works here, and the plants!!! I want this for my own patio. Having the daybed with it’s back to the railing stops potential eyesores when looking down on other buildings.

 5) Use bamboo or reed fencing. It would go great for a tropical themed décor space.




Just for fun one night, create a nighttime camping experience for the kiddos by hanging a sheet or blanket over fishing line. Pad the floor with soft cushions, conforters, flashlights and glow sticks and smores melted from the oven for a city camp experience…

{Images viaErrez Design, Apt therapy,  Decoist, Patio Design Ideas, & Home Design Lovers}


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tips: 5 ways to give your balcony privacy, stylishly

  1. I just love your balcony privacy ideas. Last one is amazing. I was searching out for different ideas to add privacy in my balcony. Thanks for such great thoughts. Actually a number of people love to have private balcony in order to make use of available space. I listen songs sitting in my balcony 😀


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