Indulge Daily 7.8.13 lovely secluded outdoor space with bright patio chairs


My weekend was fabulous: Fireworks, firepits, cocktails, bbq, art museum, lake front (lake michigan), summerfest, cocktails, Nelly Concert, shopping at an outdoor mall, pizza, cocktails, hot weather, and an outdoor movie sums it up. See images on instagram. I had a ball every single day since I’ve been off work but it wasn’t long enough. I didn’t take off diy projects from my to-do list because frankly, I can’t fathom sitting in my place when there is warm weather to enjoy. This summer is going super fast and I am trying my best to celebrate the days and enjoy what I can. This month Milwaukee has plenty of festivals and each weekend through the first weekend of August, I will be at one. Two on some weekends. I also want to go to the beach, have a blanket picnic at the lake & make my way to Chicago at least two more times this summer. What do you have planned?

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