So Cal & Palm Springs Dreamin’…which outdoor space would you pick?


Maybe it’s because my birthday (virgo season) is just around the corner. (I hope it comes slow as I want the summer to feel longer than 3 months). It’s about that time for me to start planning my annual trip. Usually I go to Chicago but last year I celebrated in Atlanta. This year I want to go somewhere I’ve never been and I’m thinking out west. I’ve never been to Cali and although Palm Springs isn’t where I will be going, I keep dreaming of it ever since I posted on flamingos.


The palm trees, the sun, the pools, the laziness of the days is what I’m craving. I may not end up in California but for now, let’s pretend I will. Actually let’s pretend I had a vacay home there. I’d be on the fence on how I would decorate the outdoors whether I want the pool and sky colors sprinkled throughout in turquoise and green hues or if I want a chic classic like black and white stripes with hot pink splattered all around.


Which outdoor space do you like best? I like both a whole lot but….the classic modern one is really calling my name. Now if only I had unlimited funds and an actual vacay home…..

{Items from the first image here & second here.}

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