Last minute quick ideas for your Memorial Day BBQ…


Going to a party and have to bring something but you didn’t have time to make it? Buy and jazz up a store bought cake with flowers, sprinkles & fresh fruit…


Place mint leaves and sliced fruit in a punch bowl…so much prettier..


Run to the nearest dollar store and add a glow stick to the bottom of a clear bowl. Pour ice on it and now you have a fun way to chill alcohol…


You already own small drinking glasses. So instead of tossing salad in one huge bowl, make individual servings in your glasses. And pour the dressing in a glass serving container. So pretty. Notice the veggies are served the same in the back. Place the veggie dip at the bottom and stack all the veggies in each glass.


Dessert and food presentations are always key to making a display visually appealing. Have toohpicks? Then skewer fruit and cheese and place chocolate syrup in bowls for dipping..


Kabobs aren’t just for meat. This brownie, fruit and marshmellow version is a festive twist to satisfy your sweet tooth…


If you have time to grab some chalkboard spray paint, you can create a cool way for people to know which wine glass is theirs..


Or just use some blue and red ribbon on basic plastic cups to go with the decor. Have sharpies on deck so party goers can write their names and save you money by reusing the same cups. Have any quick entwrtaining tips? Please share in the comments. I always appreciate those who take time to comment or email. Hope everyone has a fab Memorial Day.

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  1. thato says:

    I love all your ideals,makes life easy and very simple.thanks a lot


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