Spring Cleaning: Style your bedroom surfaces like the Blush Shop..


If you don’t have room to hide things and need to place them on dresser or table surfaces, take a cue from how they style. First, you need various heights which makes it visually interesting versus everything flat. So don’t be afraid to add a vase or bust or something unrelated. Use books to give height, pretty bowls, plates and teacups for jewelry, apothecary jars and decorative hat boxes.


Second, fold garments like they’re done in a department store. Sweaters are bulky and they can stretch when hung, so  try folding some in like colors. Actually color coding everything will look more polished. Add scarves & jewelry of same colors.


Love how they added collars to the necklace holders. Michael’s sells velvet/felt ones for under $12. And they alwayd have 40% off coupons in the paper. They also sell necklaces and fun ring holders as well.




I still want a luggage cart…bad.

{All images via Inside the Lovely}

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