Spring has finally made it and I couldn’t be happier


It’s been off and on cold and warm but the forecast calls for consistent sixties and even seventies for the next week. I can’t wait to kick off this weekend with some DIY projects and enjoy the weather and open toed shoes for next week.


I was looking forward to venturing to someone’s farmer’s market but the really good one close to where I live doesn’t open until next weekend. So I’ll stock up on fruit at the grocery store. My mom and cousins are coming over to see my new place since I’ve moved so I want to have some tasty treats and cocktails on deck.


I have not made the time to try abstract art so maybe next time they come over I can have something like this to display. I been collecting shoebox lids for this purpose. It’s free (not canvas) but still has that wrapped canvas feel. I figured I’d rather mess up lids than real canvas since I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s crazy how something more technical like drawing comes naturally but abstract art seems like such a science.


I have to style some areas of my place a little bit. I try to only buy what I love and not just something I want or need just because it’s THERE. So certain areas, like my bakers rack bar “cart” won’t be up to par but hey…gotta get what you can when you can and buy what you love when you love it. Afterall, design is an evolving process, not a one stop shop kinda thing. And if it is, you most certainly can tell.

I need to make a new list of what I couldn’t purchase at Ikea on my last trip like my white desk and those $6 stools that I can add mongolian faux fur to. I will be making another trip down to Chicago soon. It’s probably a good thing Ikea isn’t local…my bank account won’t get into trouble.

I am debating on painting the bathroom. The paint has already been purchased though. So lots going on and things to ponder. How did you spend the first warm spring weekend?

{Images via My Pinterest boards: styling, feminine touch, photos and art, edibles and drinkables, & exterior}

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  1. amina says:

    belles images!!


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