Outdoor Entertaining Seem Like a Natural Choice


{Image via Strictly Weddings}

By Brianna Perkle  

As the weather gets warmer, homeowners’ thoughts turn to outdoor entertaining. These days there’s an explosion in options for outdoor spaces:  outdoor rooms that feel like living rooms, grill areas that look like kitchens, and more traditional decks and patios. No matter which option they want, homeowners are increasingly interested in making their exterior spaces more inviting and elaborate, particularly for entertaining.
{Image via house and home}

Below are some renovation pictures that demonstrate ideas for some great outdoor spaces that would be perfect for hosting big or small get-togethers.    

Outdoor Room:  This room looks so much like a typical living room or family room that it takes a minute to realize there are no walls surrounding it. It really offers the best of both worlds:  the comfort of an indoor space combined with the beauty of the great outdoors. The roof and fan would help keep it cool and combat the worst of the sun’s heat, while the cushioned seating and rug offer indoor comforts. However, the lack of walls provides an unobstructed view of the in-ground pool and wooded yard that would be impossible to achieve with an indoor room. The brick pillars and low brick wall remind you that you are in an outside space.  It’s easy to envision adults enjoying cool drinks on the patio while watching children cavort in the pool – or a nighttime party with guests wandering between the pool and sitting area.    


{Renovation picture courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling Birmingham}

Patio:  The patio pictured below is sectioned using terraced stairs and walls making it an idea setting for an intimate gathering. Your guests can enjoy a private conversation or gather poolside. The incorporation of greenery softens the edges and offers huge flexibility for adding seasonal color – no need to import artificial decorations to a space this beautiful.  


{Terraced patio courtesy of Millieu Design}

Sunroom and Patio:  This photo demonstrates how an addition can benefit both your indoor and outdoor spaces. The sunroom, which extends into the yard, takes advantage of the natural beauty surrounding the house while providing year-round comfort for the homeowners and their guests. The room’s French doors provide a beautiful view from the inside and also allow easy access to the patio. In warmer weather, the patio would provide a great transitional area between the inside and outside. With easy access between them, the patio and sunroom would feel like two halves of a whole, particularly during a social event when guests can easily move between the indoor and outdoor spaces, socializing and eating in comfort. An additional set of glass doors off the patio give access to the main area of the house, permitting guests to circulate easily in other parts of the house.


{Sunroom and patio by Penza Bailey Architects. Brianna Perkle is a freelance writer who enjoys home design and remodeling   }

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