Hang those inexpensive behind-the-door mirrors horizontally


I actually talked about this once before but I found more inspiration to make cheap mirrors look chic. These usually price between $5 and $8 at Target and the like.


Place lamps on a table in front and your room will flood with light…


Painting the frames metallic pumps up the glam factor….


Revisited image…

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  1. ginagirl34 says:

    Miya, I’m so stealing this idea!!!! I just bought a mirror like the one in the third ;picture. It’s trimmed in white and I’m going to paint it. Now I need to go find two more to match!! There’s a discount store in my area named Dirt Cheap that carries Target’s and Walmart’s overstock and I’ve found some amazing pieces!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


    1. I am so jealous. I NEED that store in my life!!! For tarsjay’s merch only lol.


  2. Michalle Lauricella says:

    I am wanting to do this, how did you actually hang these? What did you use on the back to get them turned sideways?


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