QOTD: Is it gross to have a faux fur throw on the bed to match your pet so their fur blends in?


I love my cat to death and though this is an odd topic, I really want to know thoughts because I am beyond sick of using lent rollers every morning. It’s one thing to swipe my leather couch but on the bed? Much harder and tedious.

The only way I thought I could get out of it is by placing a nice faux fur on top of my bed. It would be hers so I wouldn’t have to lent roll it down daily. But the thought of that kinda turns me off. I even put her floor pillow at the foot of the bed and sometimes she does stay on it but other times she’s sleeping anywhere like she owns it. Help!


Modern Bedroom by Portland Interior Designer Faith Cosgrove


Modern Bedroom by Dallas Home Builders Bauhaus Custom Homes


Contemporary Bedroom by New York Architect Best & Company


Contemporary Bedroom by Los Angeles Interior Designer Jeff Andrews Design


Contemporary Bedroom by Melbourne Interior Designer Christopher Elliott Design

Here are some other pet friendly topics.

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